Marketing Specialist + Resident Creative

Elise Gaffney

I am Elise and I am the Marketing Specialist at Flowering Financial.

I am a bit of a dreamer. I’ve never done very well in the monotony of a 9 to 5 job, and I am always on the hunt for a new adventure or challenge.  

After graduating cum laude from the University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in Communication + Photography, I did some traveling in Europe, and came home in search of meaningful work.

I found it in my role as a full-time nanny. I worked hard to create a safe space, with well-researched, thoughtful care: from a garden started from seeds that required digging, cultivating + maintaining, to cooking nutritional food with those veggies, every moment provided a teaching + learning opportunity: work and responsibility, health and happiness as an art, a way of life.   

We loved to explore the outdoors! Hiking + adventuring, experimental play outside, unrefined wonder in nature that helped to build their imagination, creativity, problem-solving and coping skills. We’d take trips to the zoo, botanical gardens, animal shelters, parks and museums, instilling a life-long love of culture, artistic expression and knowledge.

 Oh, it was so wonderful. And there is no such thing as monotony when you’re a nanny!

But children grow older, and after nearly six years together, it was time for me to move on + step into my new path.

 I am so thrilled to be utilizing my talents as a photographer + writer to share the message and vision of Flowering Financial. To reach hard-working, independent women through social media and ask them to step into their financial power with our help. This too, is far from monotonous. It is exciting and new, and I am so looking forward to all the big moves we have in store. Everything seems brighter when you do what you love + people respond to + resonate with your work.


  • Bachelors of Arts in Communication, Cum Laude + Minor in Fine Art Photography (The University of Akron - 2013)

  • American Advertising Awards: Silver ADDY for holiday card photography (2018)

  • Akron Art Prize: Personal photography project entitled “Wasted” (2013)

  • I make photographs every day and will likely continue my education in fine art photography, with dreams of one day having my own show in a museum. I often find my photographic inspiration in light, okay-ness, nature, animals and the honoring of oneself, just here, right now.


When I’m not working:

  • I love to explore + adventure in our beautiful local + national parks: hiking, biking or kayaking.

  • I am an avid thrifter -- curating most of my wardrobe and home décor from near + far secondhand stores

  • I absolutely love to garden, and my house is overflowing with indoor plants, too. (I think I have 25 to 30 potted plants throughout my tiny little cape cod.) Sorry, definitely not sorry.

  • When I was young + wild I decided to save a pound pit-bull. I named him Hank and we started our journey together one very cold February morning in 2014. We’ve both grown tremendously since then. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been worth it.

  • I love to journal, read, learn and engage with creative people who think big, outside of the box, with dreams and goals + intentions to make this world a little bit brighter.