President & Financial Planner

Leandra Schindler, MTAX, CFP® 

I’m Leandra Schindler, President of Flowering Financial. After gaining valuable experience at three local wealth management firms, I made the decision to go out on my own to work with the clients I felt needed the most help and I could add the most value to their situations. 

I grew up in Akron Ohio with my two sisters and hardworking but definitely not high earning parents. While we went without many things (I never got that Barbie dream house I wanted), we were never overloaded with debt, saw the doctor regularly, and had the necessities to live a comfortable life. Following my parents divorce, seeing my single mother continue to make good financial decisions made me proud to be the child of such a smart, savvy, fiscally responsible woman.  My parents made smart financial decisions with what little they had and created an excellent example for me and my sisters to follow.

When I started working with clients early in my career, I was shocked to see how many high-earning highly educated people made one financial mistake after another, were overloaded with debt, or wanted nothing to do with their finances. I thought only poor people had money trouble and I didn't realize this was also a problem with high earning individuals. I found this particularly evident in many highly educated single women I had the pleasure of working with. They often felt uncomfortable dealing with their finances and seemed to lack confidence when making financial decisions.  Then it dawned on me; maybe they never received the right example, the advice, or the solid foundation they needed to make their life a financially successful one.

That’s why Flowering Financial is here. To give you the tools, the guidance, and the knowledge to grow and develop into your best financial self. Especially when you’re just starting out. With no minimums. No product sales. No commissions.


 Here is my general educational background and some of the qualifications that allow me to give individuals quality financial guidance:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude (The University of Akron - 2013) Major: Corporate Finance & Financial Services

  • Certificate in Financial Planning (The University of Akron - 2014)

  • Master of Taxation (The University of Akron - 2018)



When not working with my favorite clients you can find me several places:

  • In the kitchen, experimenting with Gluten-Free cooking. Not baking. I hate baking.

  • Struggling to keep the roses and lilies alive in my front yard. I love to garden but doesn’t everyone love something they aren’t very good at?

  • Adventuring in the Cuyahoga Valley or any nearby forest, national park, or body of water. Either by foot, bike, or kayak.

  • Exploring Ohio wineries and maybe doing a tasting or two.

  • Trying to squeeze as much outdoor yoga in before the sun turns to snow.

  • Time with friends, family, my kind supportive boyfriend (Vince), and my two handsome cats/office mates: Frederick and Hugo. 

  • Teaching part-time at The University of Akron for the Department of Finance. The college kids keep me young!