At Flowering Financial, our fee only services are designed to fit your unique needs.

No one size fits all financial plans. No asset minimums. No comissions or kickbacks.




Ongoing financial planning services for single professionals and growing families.

You’re driven, hardworking, and you realize it’s time to take control of your finances. You want to grow and develop your financial acumen to get on the path to financial success but you need guidance and the right tools to succeed. You don’t have one question, you have several and you want advice at your fingertips whenever you need it. Our ongoing comprehensive financial planning services may be the key to get you growing towards achieving your goals.



Limited scope financial plans to answer your most pressing concerns.

Something specific keeping you up at night? Do you feel confident with your financial decisions  but know you need help with college planning for your children? Maybe you want to start saving and investing but you know you need to tackle that debt your struggling with first. Our limited scope financial planning services are here to put those worries at ease and get you moving in the right direction.



Investment Management Services

Want to start investing but don’t know where or how to begin? Want a solid investment strategy suited to your goals, age, and risk tolerance that you actually understand? Our investment management services help make sense of investing and give you the tools you need to grow that nest egg.