One time fee of $1,999 - $6,999 (dependent on complexity of situation)


Rather than focus on all facets of a typical comprehensive financial plan, we determine 1-2 areas of focus and create an action plan based on those specific topics only. We refer to these as Seeds for Success since each one has the ability to help you grow your financial life into a more successful one. Seeds for Success are each important components of the financial planning process and include:

  • Dig Out of Debt

  • Trim Those Taxes

  • Rooted for Risk

  • College Cultivation

  • Prune your Budget

  • Student Loan Shearing

  • Everbearing Estate Planning

  • Reaching Towards Retirement

The Process.png
  • 30 minute discovery call to determine what's stressing you out and how Flowering Financial can help.

  • Homework time! Flowering Financial will send you a questionnaire to complete with personal and financial information. Once you’ve completed this information we will schedule a 90 minute discovery meeting. Here we will determine the 1-2 areas of focus for your one time plan.

  • If we mutually agree to move forward, Flowering Financial will send an invoice for the one time planning fee. Once the invoice is paid we may ask you to gather additional information for your planner.

  • Once all data has been collected, Flowering Financial will tailor an action plan to tackle those specific areas we agreed upon addressing. Once the plan is complete, we will schedule a follow up call to discuss the plan and implementation.

Now What.png

Your planner will follow up in a few months to make sure things are going smoothly and you’ve been able to implement the action plan we set in place.

 If you decide you want to keep working with us and dive into those other Seeds for Success or explore investment management services, feel welcome to reach out and we can discuss what on ongoing relationship would look like.