One Time Initial Planning Fee of $899 - $2,999 (dependent on complexity of situation OR % of household gross annual income)


Ongoing monthly ACH payments of $129 - $499 per month

AND (optional)

Investment Management Services starting at 1% annually


Rather than focus on 1-2 areas of your financial situation, we take a comprehensive approach and look at all facets of your financial life. We refer to these as Seeds for Success since each one has the ability to help you grow your financial life into a more successful one. After your initial financial plan is created, we work with you on an ongoing basis to tackle the financial obstacles that you will face in the future and keep you growing towards financial success. Seeds for Success include:

  • Dig Out of Debt

  • Trim Those Taxes

  • Rooted for Risk

  • College Cultivation

  • Prune your Budget

  • Student Loan Shearing

  • Everbearing Estate Planning

  • Reaching Towards Retirement

The Process.png
  • 30 minute discovery call to determine what it is you’re looking for and if Flowering Financial may be a good fit for you and your family’s needs.

  • Homework time! Flowering Financial will send you a questionnaire to complete with personal and financial information. Once you’ve completed this information we will schedule a 90 minute discovery meeting.

  • At this meeting we will discuss more in depth about your situation and answer any questions you have about Flowering Financial and our services.

  • After this meeting, if we mutually agree to move forward, Flowering Financial will send an invoice for the one time initial planning fee. Once the invoice is paid we will collect the remaining information we need to get started on the financial planning process.

  • Once your financial plan is complete we will have a 90 minute implementation meeting.

Now What.png

Following your plan implementation meeting we will meet 1-3 times annually in person or virtually, dependent on your needs and what life events you encounter. You also have the ability to call or email any time you have a question or need assistance with a decision.

We firmly believe planning is a process and not an event. As part of that philosophy all Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning clients will have their financial plans adjusted and fine-tuned throughout the relationship. We will proactively tackle the financial obstacles you will face in the future and keep you on track towards financial success.