You’re driven, hardworking, and bright.

You don’t have one question; you have many.

You want advice at your fingertips whenever you need it.

You want to take control of your future.

What are you waiting for?

Meet Thrive: Holistic Financial Planning

Comprehensive. Adjustable. Accessible.

Helping you grow into your best financial self.

What is included?

Meetings & Communications

  • Financial Plan Presentation

  • Annual Tax Review

  • Annual Plan Update

  • Ability to call or email Flowering Financial at any time

General Services

  • Access to interactive 24/7 financial planning tools

  • Access to secure cloud-based storage for critical documents

  • Access to Flowering Financial University (Coming Soon!)

Holistic Planning Services Include

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement plan stressing & Monte Carlo analysis

  • Social Security optimization

  • Retirement goal and expense modeling

  • Retirement cash flow projections

  • Employer retirement plan review

Cash Flow Planning

  • Comprehensive budget design and spending reconciliation

  • First time home buyer planning

  • Credit score counseling

  • Debt reduction planning

  • Student loan analysis

  • Access to interactive budgeting tools

  • College and education expense planning

Estate Planning Services

  • Incapacity planning

  • Referral to trusted estate planning attorney

  • Collaboration with estate planning attorney

  • Estate plan & beneficiary review

Tax Services

  • Two year individual tax projections

  • Annual individual tax projections

  • Estimated tax payments & withholding analysis

  • Tax minimization strategies

  • Capital gain tax planning

  • Referral for trusted tax preparation services

  • Collaboration with tax preparer

Investment Services

  • Employer account asset allocation

  • Employer account re-balancing

  • Stock option strategies

  • Additional services available with Grow

Risk Management Services

  • Life insurance policy review

  • Life insurance needs analysis

  • Recommendations for no-load insurance

  • Property and casualty insurance review

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How Much?

Initial One Time Planning Fee:*

$850 (Single)/ $1,250 (Partners)

Payable in two equal installments.


Ongoing Monthly Fee:**

$150 - $500/Month

Monthly fee is generally based on 2.25% of annual pre-tax income with a minimum charge of $150 per month.

Payable via credit card or ACH transfer

*Fee may be higher or lower, subject to complexity of situation.

**Fee may be waived/reduced if combined with Grow services. Ask for details*